Winter 16-17 Packages


Bora Park Tickets and packages


Because of the closing of the season, packages are no longer available online. You can purchase them at the door only.

See below for conditions and procedures


*Adult pricing, 12 years and older.

Follow this link to book your date:


for packages including 

Conditions and Procedures

1. Bora Park tickets are redeemable only from January 4th to March 26th 2017 inclusively, evenings only.

2. Date confirmation for Bora Park tickets happens after buying your package.

3. These tickets are sold as pre-sale. We cannot garantee that your desired date will be available. The Bora Park having a limited capacity of 1000, availability depends on sales already made.

4. After buying a package, an e-mail will be sent to you containing a link to redeem your tickets for all your outdoor activities and a link and an access code to redeem and book you desired date for the Bora Park.

If you wish to give this package as a gift, don't forget to forward them this information so they can choose the date themselves.

Each ticket has a unique code and needs to be confirmed with the wanted date.

After choosing your date, it will be impossible for you to return to the previous stage (page). The access code is valid only once. Before reserving the actual date for your entrance to the Bora Park, please make sure it’s the correct date for you and your entourage. Please make sure to enter a valid email address as the tickets purchased with your unique code will be sent via email for you present the day of your activity. 

Complete procedures:


1. Go to to have access to the reservation website.
2. Click on Indoor waterpark in main top menu.
3. Click on Buy Online.
4. In the left margin, click on "Packages".
5. All informations on various packages are available on this page before purchasing.
6. Click on the desired package to access the store page.
7. Select the package desired and number of tickets. Click continue.
8. Enter your contact and payment informations - this is a secure page for transactions.
9. Finalise the transaction.
10. A confirmation email will be sent to your email.


1. Open your email.

2. Click on the link to get your ticket(s).

3. A web generated page will open. Click on the blue button.

4. All tickets purchased will appear in a new document. You will find all your tickets for entrances to Winter Playground and Hotel de Glace. Save or print the tickets as they will need to be presented at the entrance of Valcartier Vacation Village for your activity.

The Bora Park one is only a voucher; you will need to reserve a date. This is not your ticket to the Bora Parc but your unique code to book your date.

5. On the Bora Park voucher, the unique code is in red, please write it down.

6. Once ready to make your reservation, click on or paste the URL link on the electronic Bora Park voucher.

7. Enter your unique code.

8. Select the date for your upcoming visit to the Bora Park (Sunday to Thursday evenings from January 4th to March 26th, 2017). You will have 5 minutes to complete your date selection.

9. A new page will open with your official ticket. Please save or print it and bring it at Valcartier at the date of your activity.

10. Repeat steps 5 to 9 for each Bora Park vouchers.

Thank you and Have fun !