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Passing of Village Vacances Valcartier's founder, Guy Drouin


Villages Vacances Valcartier and Calypso Announce the Death of Founder Guy Drouin

Québec, Tuesday, November 29, 2016 - It is with profound sadness, the Drouin family and the management of Valcartier and Calypso parks announced today the passing of Guy Drouin which occurred Monday evening.  Guy Drouin was the visionary behind the creation and development of Calypso Theme Waterpark outside Ottawa and Village Vacances Valcartier in Quebec. 

After a brave battle with cancer, Mr. Drouin’s passing comes just days before Valcartier’s new giant indoor waterpark is to officially open its doors on Saturday.  He was hoping to attend the opening of Bora Park which includes a 4 star hotel and represents an investment of $70 million.  Although his death prevents him from celebrating the grand opening of Bora Park on Saturday, he was able to oversee the preparations from his hospital room thanks to a camera feed his sons Mathieu, Simon and Jérôme installed.

“We are shaken by the loss of our father and are heartbroken that he will not have the chance to see Bora Park, his most recent creation, come to life.  Combined, the park and the hotel represent the biggest project of his life and will stand as an example of our father’s legacy in the region.  His passing breaks our hearts but remembering his audacity and his legendary generosity will help us pave the way for the future.  He was an exceptional man who dedicated his life to finding ways for Canadian families to enjoy themselves.  He maintained a smile on his face right up to the end,” stated Mathieu, Simon and Jérôme, Vice-Presidents of Villages Vacances Valcartier.

A year ago, as Mr. Drouin began to approach his 70th year and as he looked forward to a well earned retirement, he began to implement, together with his long time friend and advisor, businessman Louis Massicotte, a comprehensive transition plan for the company.

“Last winter, a team of park managers, his sons Mathieu, Simon and Jérôme, and a number of corporate directors and advisors including Valcartier’s Pierre Thivierge and Calypso’s Sylvain Lauzon began to implementing the transition plans for Valcartier and Calyso.  The development of the new Hotel Valcartier has been completed and is ready to receive guests in time for the holiday season.  Bora Park promises to be a huge success story for Quebec’s tourist industry.  Our friend Guy was already very proud of his achievement.  His passing will not impact the opening of the Hotel nor Bora Park and it will go forward as planned for this Saturday,” stated Louis Massicotte, Trustee of the Guy Drouin Trust for the past 17 years. 

An Extraordinary Developer

In 1972, Guy Drouin acquired, from his father, a vast property at Valcartier, 20 minutes outside of Québec City on which he developed the largest winter playground in North America. Following that, he developed Canada’s largest waterpark and engaged his sons early on in its operations.

In 2010, with the support of his sons, he created Calypso Waterpark located 20 minutes outside of Ottawa which has surpassed the initial success of Valcartier.  In 2015 Calypso was named the best themed waterpark in Canada.

In December 2016 Bora Park, the only indoor “windowless” waterpark replicating a tropical climate will open its doors to the public.   The indoor waterpark is six times the size of an NHL hockey rink and will welcome hundreds of thousands of visitors in the coming decades, as was Guy Drouin’s wish.  Valcartier is Canada’s largest resort representing an investment of over $130 million.  Calypso is the most visited waterpark in Canada and represents an investment of over $60 million.

Mr. Drouin and his sons took great pride in the fact that the construction and expansion of the two parks were accomplished without the infusion of public funds.  As Guy Drouin stated loudly and proudly in 1988 “No dream is too big.”  This statement still resonates with his partners and colleagues.

Details regarding the memorial service for Guy Drouin will be released at a later date by his spouse Parise Lafontaine and his sons Mathieu Drouin, Simon Drouin and Jérôme Drouin. 


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