2018 Winter season is over - Thank You!

Package Snow and buffet





Something new this winter at Valcartier Vacation Village: the package Snow and Buffet. Combine the joys of winter with the pleasure of a buffet for supper, where everyone will be fulfilled!

This unique buffet meal, available only on Saturday evenings from 4:45pm to 9pm, is taking place in the Yacht Club, which offers a wonderful view of the site.


A different menu is offered every Saturday, which includes:


  • 3 hot meals (poultry, red meat and fish)
  • One cutting roast
  • A salad bar
  • A custom pasta bar
  • End your meal at the desserts table and fall back to childhood at the candy bar.


The menu will be posted at the ticket counters when you buy your package in the main pavillion.

No need to make a reservation*, neither confirm what time you will show for supper.

Starting on January 2, 2016, on Saturday evenings, we make it easy for you with the Snow and Buffet package!


*Reservation mandatory for groups of over 20 people.